Stage Three - Instructional Ability Test

Stage Three examines the ability of the Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) candidate to deliver tuition/coaching to the novice driver relevant to the level of skill and experience of the driver. You will be assessed on your ability to observe and correct any errors and maintain a safe controlled learning environment.

The Stage Three test is split into two parts in which the RSA examiner will take on the role of a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 pupil.

Phase 1

Pupils are either beginners or partly trained, either they have not driven a car before or have taken a few driving lessons previously.

Phase 2

Pupils are deemed to be trained and are ready to take their Driving Test. Alternatively, a Phase 2 pupil may have just failed the Driving Test.

Your RSA examiner will explain before each part of the test which type of pupil s/he will be simulating and the Pre-Set Test selected.
On our Stage Three course you’ll acquire the instructional standards and the practical skills you’ll need in order to successfully pass this test.
You will be given tasks and exercises to complete between training sessions as an aid to skills development. The more work you can do between training sessions the more benefit you will get from in car training.

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You will be learning from 2 of the very best ADI in Ireland. Your 2 instructors themselves received 100% and 95.5 in their Stage 3 exams. Your personal trainer will act as the role of the examiner and give your experience of different roles and teaching subjects. Each session is planned with lesson aims and constructive feedback. You will receive 20 hours of 1-1 in car training to help you pass.

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