Advanced / Defensive Driving Lessons

An exciting and fresh approach to on road driving methods

This experience is a one to one with the instructor for the whole course duration and uses the participants own car. The course is an advanced driving session which takes an exciting and fresh approach to on road driving methods. Its content will help to improve your awareness and observation skills out on the road in all traffic and weather conditions and also guide you toward becoming a smoother and more accurate driver.

Training Details

After an initial briefing your instructor will asses your on road driving over varying road types. This will help your instructor structure the course to suit you. The course can also be tailored to meet individual requirements.
At the end of the two hour course (including a 1 hour exam), your instructor will present you with a certificate detailing your grading achieved during the drive, Gold, Silver or Bronze. This grading can be used to avail of Insurance Discounts.
Our instructors are all fully trained professionals and will conduct the sessions in a relaxed and informative coaching style.

Advanced Driving Skills Covered

  • Observation
  • Speed Awareness
  • Effective use of positioning
  • Appropriate Gear Selection
  • Braking Techniques
  • Defensive Vehicle Positioning
  • Co-ordination of hazard/Risk management
  • Accurate Bend Assessment
  • Cornering Techniques
  • Awareness of hazards and risks
  • Safe and calculated overtaking
  • Third party perception awareness
  • Conflict Prevention

Apart from being safer on the road advanced training may also help you benefit from:

  • Reduced levels of driving stress in heavy traffic
  • Improved car fuel consumption
  • Lower vehicle maintenance cost
  • Your insurance company offering more favourable premium rates

How Do I Book This Course?

Ring our booking and information line or contact us to to discuss your details.