Leinster Driving Campus is located at Taghadoe, Maynooth in Co. Kildare. Here are some testimonials and comments from our clients.

I can highly recommend the intensive 5 hour driving package. I had Brian for the 5 hours and having faiiled my test twice previously I passed successfully the next week! . Great to deal with and gave me the confidence I needed.
Jenny @ 2019-02-01, 09:24

Thanks to the support of the staff in Leinster Driving Campus, in particular the excellence of my instructor Martyn, I passed with no faults. I would highly recommend anyone preparing for their test to contact the team straightaway. Thanks again for all your help and guidance.
Carol Lea @ 2018-05-14, 14:59

Thank you, Leinster Driving Campus! Got both my children their lessons with yourselves. They got great Tuition. And they both passed the national driving test with ease , highly recommendable to anybody starting to drive with the benefits of starting off road at the campus! Keep up the good work guys!
Guest @ 2018-03-23, 17:37

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with the service I’ve received from you guys over the last year and a half. I passed my test last week, and that’s in no small part down to you guys. You’ve been with me every step of the way. From the very first time I ever sat in the driver seat to passing me test, your instructors brought me every step of the way. Firstly, your driving campus is a great asset to have. Being able to start in the safety of a private campus really made me feel a lot better about the process. The thought of starting off on a real road is just horrifying IMO. Secondly, you were great about keeping me with the same instructor for my 12 ADI lessons. It was great to have that consistency at that early stage. Then, later, as my tests came near you started to cycle me through instructors, which was also the perfect thing to do. Having a stranger give you those final lessons before a test is much better prep than having someone you know well. All in all I’d say I got to meet six or seven of your instructors, and they were all extremely good. All in all I think you guys offer a great service, and I’ll be recommending you to everyone who asks my advice on lessons. Kindest Regards, Bart.
Bart @ 2018-03-22, 15:48

Thank you so much guys, passed my test yesterday! I’m thrilled and so relieved to be honest. I’ll recommend you to everyone!!
Martina Monaghan @ 2018-02-01, 13:01

Fantastic place to learn to drive. I brought my two twins in on Saturday and they absolutely loved it. Well done Leinster Diring Campus.
Paul Whelan @ 2018-01-15, 15:44

I recently took the ABS, Skid control and Advance Driver courses and can honestly say I’m more aware of my ability as a driver and also the abilities of my car. I would highly recommend this course to anyone, if they are newly licensed or have, like me, been driving for years. Excellent courses and brilliant instructors.
Keith @ 2017-02-28, 15:41

At Leinster Driving Campus they give you advance and effective behind the wheel training sessions on driving and better confidence. They have expert group of professional instructors who are skilled and certified through DMV. https://www.edrivingschoolonline.com/
Mark Ramsay, https://www.edrivingschoolonline.com/ @ 2016-08-11, 12:25

A huge thank you to the staff. Our entire team of company car users took part in the advanced driving & skid control course in April this year and all thoroughly enjoyed the experience, while updating their skills and road safety awareness. I would recommend all companies who have employees who drive for them to consider booking this course.
Lynn Meade @ 2016-07-28, 15:54

Just a quick message to say thank you to Stephanie and Brian. I passed my driving test in Naas last week. Thank you for all your help, your advice and tips really helped!
Emma W @ 2016-02-23, 11:06

Passed my test first time today in Tallaght. Thanks to Dave and the other instructors who helped me get my lessons done in 2 weeks.
Paul @ 2014-11-24, 22:32

Highly recommend Paul Dobbins after completing the IBT course at Leinster Driving Campus. No previous experience and after two full days I am fully confident and on the road!
Anthony @ 2014-07-14, 22:14

Just passed my driving test first time, thank you soooooooooooo much Dave & Gary & all at Leinster Driving Campus!!! You are brilliant!!! Kelly
Kelly @ 2014-05-02, 18:46

Just completed the skid control and ABS breaks course. I was extremely nervous as I had an accident in icy conditions. This course is essential for all drivers!. I can not recommend it highly enough. It is impossible to learn how to react in a skid without experiencing it and the skid pad is ideal for this. The instructors are wonderful and the set up at Leinster Driving Campus is excellent.
Patricia Barrett @ 2013-11-25, 17:34

I was on the skid control course. BRILLIANT FUN!!! Oh yeah, and it was educational too ๐Ÿ™‚
Tyrone @ 2013-11-08, 14:53

My daughter did a pre EDT course on Saturday, she had never driven before & was very nervous. She came away confident, eager to start her EDT course. She learnt so much! Thanks so much, Margaret
Margaret Powell @ 2013-08-25, 22:23

I would like to thank Leinster Driving Campus but especially Paul for getting me through my bike test for an A licence with just 2 marks on my sheet. Thanks very much….
Richard Bell @ 2013-08-11, 18:09

Absolutely PERFECT place for my Son’s first driving lesson. He was very nervous starting off and with the knowledge that there were no other cars, he soon had the confidence to pick quite a bit up in just I hour!! Shame it was just whilst we we were on hols as it would be a great place for him to take the complete course!! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰ Kathryn, Jersey
Kathryn Hall @ 2012-06-18, 15:56

Thanks for a really interesting and worthwhile TY course. The students really enjoyed it – Colรกiste Eoin, Hacketstown, Co. Carlow.
Mary Hunt – TY Co-Ordinator @ 2012-02-20, 11:33

One of the best TY Trips ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for a brilliant day. Our school really enjoyed everything. The instructors were so nice and weren’t afraid to have a bit of craic with us. They made us feel completely at ease with the car, most of us had never driven before and now we all CAN’T WAIT to start learning..thanks so much guys.
Lorna @ 2012-02-07, 23:03

I am a 38yr old male who had no driving experience & have just completed the 2 day intensive driving course.Padraic was my instructor & within hours had made me relaxed & confident enough to go out on the main roads.Padraic is a fantastic instructor & I can’t believe how far I progressed under his instruction.His instruction is so professional & clear it puts you at ease from the moment you sit into the car.I highly recommend Padraic & the team at Leinster Driving Campus to people of all ages.Thanks Again Padraic!!!
Cathal Conlan @ 2012-02-01, 22:49

Loved it. I couldn’t recommend Leinster Driving Campus more. Starting off-road really boosts your confidence and the instructors are brilliant.
Aoife Reidy @ 2012-01-09, 13:13

I’ve put off learning to drive for years, I was so nervous of driving on the main roads. Leinster Driving Campus was perfect for me to gain the confidence I needed. I’ve since passed my driving test and am so grateful. Highly recommended!!!
Sandra Purcell @ 2011-10-17, 20:58

I wish there had been something like this years ago when I was learning to drive, it would have made things so much easier. My daughter is taking lessons with Leinster Driving Campus and loves it. She has a smile on her face after every lesson and can’t wait to come back for more.
Trevor Lawlor @ 2011-10-17, 20:57

I was originally getting lessons elsewhere in a manual car and was struggling with the clutch and gear selection. I’ve since started getting lessons in an automatic and it has made things so much easier. Thanks Padraic and everyone at Leinster Driving Campus. TOP MARKS!!
Sam O’Donnell @ 2011-10-17, 20:57

Got my first driving lesson last year when I was 16 and studying for my Theory Test. By the time I got my learner permit I already had 8 lessons completed and I was able to go out on the main roads better prepared.
Deirdre Phillips @ 2011-10-17, 20:57

I don’t know how anyone can have there first driving lesson on the main road….it must be so scary!!!!!!! This setup is perfect, it allowed me to get comfortable with the car controls before going onto the main roads. I was still a little nervous though at first but now am much better ๐Ÿ™‚
Emily Traynor @ 2011-10-17, 20:56

Passed my test first time yesterday. Thanks so much Brian for everything. You were so patient with me. Cheers
Donal Redmond @ 2011-10-17, 20:56

I completed the Skid Control Combo course and have to say that it was the most informative time I’ve ever spent behind the wheel of a car. I now feel confident I’d know how to react to a skid and feel a better all round driver. It should be mandatory for everyone to do a course like this at some stage.
Adam Brennan @ 2011-10-17, 20:56

I’d failed my driving 5 times before coming to Leinster Driving Campus. I did a few hours pre tests with Rory and I passed my test first time and with only four grade 2 faults!!!
Tara Loney @ 2011-10-17, 20:56

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