Skid Control driving lessons

Ireland's only skid pad is a purpose built training facility located away from public roads where we can simulate driving in all types of dangerous conditions such as snow, ice or wet roads. This is the most realistic and effective method of learning how to control a car in adverse conditions. There is no substitute for 'hands-on' experience in our safe and controlled off road environment.

This specialist course is available to fully licensed drivers of any age and level of experience and is run by our team of specially trained instructors, including a former Irish Rally champion and a 3 time Irish Autocross champion.

Skidding is mainly caused by driving too fast for the road conditions. This course teaches you how to control your vehicle should it skid in adverse weather conditions. You will experience different types of skids, understeer and oversteer, in various road conditions.

It is a fun, but very informative course which is well worth trying. Whether you are a newly qualified driver or an experienced one, there is plenty to learn from this exciting course.

Listen to some people who have already benefitted from our skid control course


Course Details

On this course you will learn skid control skills and techniques. These skills will help you to handle difficult or unexpected slippery conditions in normal road driving.

Training will start with a classroom briefing from your instructor explaining exactly why a car may skid, what happens when a car skids, and share some tips on how to avoid a dangerous skid situation on the road. Your instructor will also explain how electronic driver aids like ABS and ESP found in most of todays cars work and what it can do for you! 

Session 1 - Skid Pad

During this session your instructor will help you master the basics of car control including over and under steer. Most modern front wheel drive road cars will under steer in the majority of situations and if you know a few basics you can soon feel in much more control. Rear wheel drive cars tend to over steer, our expert instructors will show you how to correct a car if the back of the car skids out of line. With practice you will find everything much easier and more natural.

Your instructor will encourage you to let the car slide more and even spin around! This will give you the confidence and techniques needed to bring the car back in control from some seemingly impossible situations!

Session 2 - Anti Lock Braking System

On this session you will learn how to master the use of ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) in an emergency. We set up an avoidance exercise to demonstrate just what this system is capable of - if you know how to get the most out of it! Knowing how to use your vehicles ABS is essential for car control. You will be amazed as to how the ABS allows you to brake and steer at the same time to avoid a potential collision. This is a skill everyone should know.


Skills Covered

  • Car Control
  • Skid Avoidance
  • Correct Use of Controls
  • Anti Lock Brake System Correct Operation
  • Early Skid Recognition
  • Emergency Avoidance Techniques



Skid Control Course: € 149        



Course Dates to be announced starting in October 2018









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Skid Control Course - Testimonials:

I feel so much better prepared if we have a really cold winter again this year. Everyone should do a course like this. I wish I knew about it last year. Can't recommend it enough

Tara O'Leary

The course was very good. I have quite extensive experience on driving in icy conditions but wasn't quite sure if I can still manage - being so many years in Ireland. The slippery part turned out to be the easy part. This is probably programmed somewhere in my spinal cord. But - to my surprise - I didn't know how to brake in perfect, dry conditions and make an emergency stop. I learned to drive well before the ABS-era and modern cars require quite a different braking technique than used to be when I got my licence 30 years ago. Extremely useful and I would probably like to do a little bit more practising.

Juha Junttila

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was well worth it. The staff are very courteous and professional and the course is well set up. Brilliant idea. Well done!

Bernie Downes

I really enjoyed the driving course and felt I learnt a few useful things to do in order to prevent an accident from happening. The guys giving the course were very professional and friendly.

Carmel Moran

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and left with the impression of having learnt something. Thumbs up from me, and thank you! Hopefully we will not need to put in practice what we learnt.

Elisabetta Ravarino

Great course and very enjoyable as well as being informative. I hope to take my 3 kids there when they are back home at Christmas just to get them used to icy roads and heavy braking.

John McEvoy

Really enjoyed the driving course and learned a lot too. The instructors knew their stuff and really put me at ease as I was very apprehensive. Carmel even thought she had a habit of 'coasting' and Padraic gave her some time at the end to see if there was a problem.

Jean Plunkett



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