Motorbike Pre-Test lessons

We would advise you to take your pre-test motorcycle course within 2 weeks of your driving test date. The pre-test allows you to experience driving test conditions before the actual test.

The motorcycle test itself is approximately 50 minutes duration and is designed to determine that you:

  • Know the Rules Of The Road
  • Possess the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with those rules
  • Can perform a technical check on 3 parts of your motorcycle
  • Drive with proper regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.


Our Help

We will brief you on how the motorbike test is marked giving you a clear understanding of how many mistakes you are allowed to make and the severity of those mistakes.

We will give you a full explanation on how the test is conducted followed by a demonstration ride which will cover all aspects on which you will be assessed during your driving test including, road positioning; overtaking and passing; anticipation and observation; proper use of your vehicle controls, how to drive in traffic, perform U Turns to name a few.

You will ride out in front and with the use of radio contact we will identify any mistakes made by you as they occur. This will allow you to recognize your faults immediately and to correct them on the move. At the end we will give you a full de-brief on how you got on and what areas you will need to concentrate on between now and your test.

Once you have completed our Pre-Test course you will be fully prepared in every way to sit and pass your motorbike test.

See this online video "On the day of your motorcycle test" for further information

Also see "During your motorcycle driving test" for further information



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