Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons

The Essential Driver Training course (see video below) is a mandatory course of driving lessons (a minimum of 12 hours) you must complete before taking your Driving test.

5 reasons to choose LDC for your EDT driving lessons?

  • We have designed an off road facility whereby learner drivers with little or no experience behind the wheel, can encounter some of the typical traffic control features in a safe controlled environment away from other traffic. See our Gallery
  • This user-friendly approach provides those completing their EDT the ideal conditions to build up their confidence and driving skills before we continue with driving lessons on the public roads. Your first driving lesson(s) will be on campus so you’ll learn at your own pace with No Traffic, No Pressure, No Problem. This will allow you to get familiar with your car and its controls in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • You can then decide when you feel confident enough to continue your driving lessons on the main road. Using this approach will enable you to progress through your EDT at a much higher standard. There will be no hidden “extra lessons” required during your EDT unlike many of our competitors
  • In the R.S.A. guidelines for EDT, it is recommended that the learner driver takes three hours of driving lessons in preparation before starting your EDT lesson 1. During your PRE EDT lessons we’ll familiarise you with your vehicles primary controls i.e. foot controls and hand controls; your secondary controls i.e. windscreen wipers and lights; along with moving off and stopping safely.So book a lesson today and make a head start on your EDT!!
  • We can guarantee that we offer the most complete EDT package. Spending time getting familiar with your vehicle will have you more prepared to complete your EDT due to the advantage of having no pressure in those vital early driving lessons.