For those with a driving test coming soon.


On the Straight

  • Correct position is slightly to the left on the straight.
  • Don’t drive to close to the white line in the centre of the road.
  • Give plenty of clearance (1 metre or a doors width) to parked vehicles.

On Bends

  • Make sure you are not too tight on the left going around a left bend or to close to the white line in the centre going around a right bend.

In Traffic Lanes

  • Keep within your road lane markings unless you need to move around an obstacle.
  • If there are no road markings use the edge of the road on the left to help you with your positioning.
  • Stay safe distance to vehicle in front.

At Cross Roads

  • If turning left keep to the left side on approach.
  • If turning right keep to the right side on approach.

At Roundabouts

  • If going “left” keep in left lane on approach.
  • If going “straight” keep in the left lane on approach and keep lane discipline by staying out in the left lane as going around the roundabout. Do not cut in too tight when crossing roundabout.
  • If turning “right” keep in right lane on approach and stay in close to roundabout until exiting.

Turning Right

  • Position vehicle close the white line in the centre of the road.
  • If you need to stop make sure the front of you car is approx in line with the middle of the road you are turning into.
  • Do not cut the corner.
  • Get back into normal driving position to the left as soon as you can.

Turning Left

  • Keep your position towards the left and take the corner neatly by following the inside of the corner
  • Don’t swing to wide or cross the white line in the new road you’ve turned into
  • Don’t mount or clip the kerb. Pay particular attention to back left wheel, it takes a shorter route than the others!


  • Don’t stop on pedestrian crossing or yellow box when going straight ahead.
  • Don’t cause an obstruction.
  • Make sure you can see the “tyres on tarmac” of the vehicle in front of you.

Following Traffic

  • “Only a fool breaks the two second rule”.
  • Wet weather doubles it.
  • Make sure you can stop within the distance that you can see to clear ahead of you.

Best of luck,