Overtaking is probably one of the most dangerous manoeuvres a driver can undertake.

Note: Before overtaking you should always make sure “it is safe, legal and necessary”. How many times have you seen someone overtake you in a dangerous manner and five minutes later you see that same vehicle stopped ahead of you at traffic lights!

Here is the preferred method to overtake safely:

  1. Before overtaking, make sure the road ahead of the vehicle you are going to overtake is clear and that you are not been overtaken yourself (middle and right mirror check)
  2. Assess the speed and position of the vehicles in front and behind. Your road position needs to be near enough to the slower vehicle in front, to get a good view of the road ahead, but without tailgating. Remember the 2 second rule throughout your manoeuvre!
  3. You need to be aware of the speed limit for the road you’re travelling on, the speed of the slower vehicle ahead and also your own speed to ensure you can overtake safely and return to your left lane without cutting in. Ensure the gear selected in powerful enough for acceleration required to overtake.
  4. If all is ok make your final MSM check i.e. Mirrors / Signal / Manoeuvre
  • Mirrors: Check middle and right mirror to ensure its safe to overtake
  • Signal: Indicate right if safe to do so
  • Manoeuvre: After a final safety glance out the driver window (not the blind spot) move out in a smooth line leaving adequate room as you pass. Check your mirrors (middle and left) to ensure you’ve cleared the vehicle you’ve overtaken before moving smoothly back into your left lane.