Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step to learning to drive by booking your first driving lesson.

After initial introductions your driving instructor will ask to see your Learner Permit and you must then pay for your Essential Driver Training (EDT) logbook. The price for the EDT logbook is €4. Please remember this is your logbook is YOUR property and yours to keep.

You’ll then proceed to the car where your instructor will drive you to a quiet area before switching seats and starting the “cockpit drill“. This is a series of checks you’ll complete before moving your car, i.e. ensuring the doors are closed correctly, adjusting your seat, adjusting your steering wheel position if necessary, securing your seatbelt and finally adjusting your mirrors correctly.

You’ll then be introduced to your 3 foot controls, namely the Accelerator (Gas), Brake and Clutch pedals. You’re instructor will give you a detailed explanation of what each pedal does, how to use it correctly and the associated instructions used for each pedal e.g. “set the gas”, “brake gently” or “clutch up to the bite point” to name but a few.

Next it’s onto the hand controls, namely the gear lever, handbrake (parking brake), steering, indicators and windscreen wipers. Again you’ll be given a detailed description of each and their respective uses. Usually it’s the main hand controls discussed at this stage, later you will also discuss lights and heating etc.

If you have any questions during the cockpit drill please ask your instructor.

The cockpit drill and controls lesson usually takes about 20 minutes. Now we are ready to get the car moving.

Your instructor will explain the correct process for moving you car off from a parked position safely under control and with due regard for other road users.

  • You’ll ensure you’ve prepared your car correctly by setting the gas and finding the bite point
  • You’ll check your mirrors and blindspot to ensure its safe, then signal before moving off smoothly
  • You’ll drive for a pre determined distance in the middle of your lane before checking your mirrors and signalling, then stopping safely at the side of the road
  • Repeat until you feel comfortable with this process

Within the first hour of your driving lesson you should also have learned how to change from first gear to second gear and maybe even third depending on how you are progressing.

Your instructor will also go through your safety checks before completing the first lesson. The safety checks include tyre safety and under the bonnet checks.

Upon completion of your driving lesson both you and your instructor will update EDT 1 in your logbook with your instructor leaving feedback and recommendations before commencing your second driving lesson.